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Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds

Dust Shrouds & Guards

Cutting dust guard 300x196 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds


Grinding dust shroud 300x168 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds

  • Available in 125, 180 & 230mm
  • Robust yet lightweight metal construction
  • Hard wearing rubber shroud on the grinding guard
  • Designed for minimal tool obstruction
  • Suitable for industry standard 38mm suction hose

Dust Extraction Machines

Pulvex is a UK agent for the Dustcontrol range of dust extraction machines. Manufactured to the highest standards in Sweden, these products comply with the IEC classification H which means that they achieve a separation degree of 99.995%.

More information on these products is available on request.

110v Single Phase Dust Extractors

All the 1-phase dust extractors are equipped with a fine filter and a HEPA filter (H 13). Filter cleaning is achieved with a reverse air pulse cleaning system which is both effective and done without mess or having to disassemble the machine. The filter system also allows for ergonomic and dust-free filter changes.

dust 1 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsdust 2 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsdust 3 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsdust 4 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsdust 5 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsdust 6 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds

3-Phase Dust Extractors

Our three-phase dust extractors are used for heavy materials where high pressure is required. The vacuum producer is a turbo pump, directly driven by a three-phase motor. Our dependable turbo machines have minimal service requirements and a long life. The characteristic performance of the turbo pump is well suited for heavy cleaning and material transport. The turbo motor generates more vacuum when the resistance increases.

extract 1 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsextract 2 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsextract 3 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsextract 5 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsextract 6 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsextract 7 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds

DC AirCube Air cleaners

The DC AirCube is an air cleaner which is suitable for many applications. By circulating the air through a highly efficient HEPA filter, the air in the room is cleaned by removing the hazardous airborne dust that is harmful to health. The most dangerous particles are those that are so small that they are invisible to the eye.
The DC AirCube is designed to separate fine and hazardous dusts down to 0.3 microns. An example of such particulate could be quartz dust, which is found in concrete, brick, grout and mortar. When hammering, wall grinding, concrete grinding, demolition work, kitchen and bathroom renovations, and general construction, the AirCube is an ideal solution.

airclean 1 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shroudsairclean 2 Dust Extraction Machines/Dust Shrouds
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