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Concrete Repairs, Restoration & Pointing Contractors

P2 CRB 188x300 Concrete Repairs, Restoration & Pointing Contractors

The blade of choice for concrete repair contractors

Concrete Repair Blade

Pulvex has a selection of diamond blades suitable for concrete repairs, restoration & pointing contractors. Concrete Repair blades & Mortar Raking blades are amongst our most popular products.

Description: The combination of high performance & competitive pricing make Concrete Repair Blade for the Concrete Repair Industry, it’s capable of cutting hard concrete quickly and efficiently. The choice for concrete repair companies seems to be either cheap, general purpose diamond blades or diamond blades that do not deliver the performance their high high price tag would indicate. Pulvex’s Concrete Repair Blades deliver both in performance & with their competitive pricing.

Suitable for: High and medium strength concrete, reinforced concrete, kerbs, slabs & lintels


  • Produced to OSA (Organization for Safety in Abrasives) standards
  • 10mm high, continuous turbo segment for high cutting speed
  • Cooling holes to prevent overheating
  • Wet or dry cut

Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Height (mm)
P2-CRB125 125 22.23 10
P2-CRB230 230 22.23 10

General Purpose Blade

Description: A good quality blade for the price conscious, this blade offers good performance in a range of materials but is priced extremely competitively.

Suitable for: Facing bricks, kerbs, slabs, lintels, general building materials, limestone aggregate concrete


  • 10mm high segment
  • Key hole gullet
  • Good speed of cut & life

Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Height (mm)
PS-GP115 115 22.23 10
PS-GP125 125 22.23 10
PS-GP230 230 22.23 10
PS-GP300 300 20 10

Cup Grinding Wheels

Description: Premium cup grinding wheels, with double rows of segments for fast and effortless stock removal. These are superior quality grinding wheels that are also extremely versatile.

Suitable for: All concrete, medium hard stone


  • 100mm & 125mm have a double row of segments
  • 180mm has 24 no. turbo segments

Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Type
PG-CGW100 100 22.23 Double Row
PG-CGW125 125 22.23 Double Row
PG-CGW180 180 22.23 24 no. Turbo Segments

Mortar Raking Blades

Description: A fast cutting, long life mortar raking blade, which will cut hard mortar efficiently and will give good life in soft & abrasive mortar. Many mortar raking blades can not be used for the full life of the segment due to undercutting, but Pulvex’s mortar raking blades have secure kicker segments to ensure that the blade stays safe and usable to the end.

Suitable for: Hard mortar, abrasive mortar, limestone mortar, black mortar


  • Produced to OSA (Organization for Safety in Abrasives) standards
  • Available with 4mm or 6.4mm thick segments
  • Undercut protection to prevent segment loss

Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Thickness (mm)
PG-MRP(4) 125 22.23 4
PG-MRP(6.4) 125 22.23 6.4

Dust Extraction

Pulvex is a full agent for Dustcontrol UK Ltd. We are able to offer advice on all aspects of dust extraction and stock a range of dust extractors, air cleaners and suction cowls and casings.

Please contact us if you require a demonstration of a particular machine or literature.

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