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Tile Blades

Super Thin Tile Blades

Description: A premium quality, super thin blade for precise and clean cutting of porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Suitable for: Hard porcelain, ceramic and hard stone tiles


  • Produced to OSA (Organization for Safety in Abrasives) standards
  • 10mm high, continuous turbo segment for high cutting speed with minimal chipping
  • 115 & 125mm versions come with a die cast core for blade reinforcement are just 1.2mm thick & can be used wet or dry.
  • 150, 180 & 200mm blades are just 1.6mm thick and a steel reinforced core. We recommend that these sizes are used with water.
Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Thickness (mm)
P1-PTB115 115 22.23/25.4 1.2
P1-PTB125 125 22.23/25.4 1.2
P1-PTB150 150 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-PTB180 180 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-PTB200 200 22.23/25.4 1.6

Continuous Rim No Chip Tile Blade (in development)

Description: A high performance, continuous rim blade designed to cut the hardest of tiles with minimal chipping.

Suitable for: Hard porcelain, ceramic and hard stone tiles

Product Code Diameter (mm) Bore Size (mm) Segment Thickness (mm)
P1-NCB115 115 22.23/25.4 1.2
P1-NCB125 125 22.23/25.4 1.2
P1-NCB150 150 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-NCB180 180 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-NCB200 200 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-NCB230 230 22.23/25.4 1.6
P1-NCB250 250 22.23/25.4 1.6

Diamond Tile Drills

Dia drill set 11 300x200 Tile Blades








Description: A high performance range of welded tip diamond drills with reverse spiral design to feed water to the cutting face, plus built in core ejection system to prevent clogging.

Suitable for: Porcelain, ceramic, quarry tiles, terracotta, glazed tiles, terrazzo, marble and glass.


  • Welded tip
  • Wet drilling

Product Code

Diameter (mm)

Net Price Each

5mm DU-CTD



6mm DU-CTD



6mm Multi Pack

5 x 6mm


7mm DU-CTD



7mm Multi Pack

5 x 7mm


8mm DU-CTD



10mm DU-CTD



12mm DU-CTD



16mm DU-CTD



20mm DU-CTD



25mm DU-CTD



30mm DU-CTD



35mm DU-CTD




  • All Prices are subject to VAT
  • Minimum order value £50.00
  • A carriage charge of £10.00 will apply to orders under £100.00

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