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Vortex Dust Collection System

Pulvex is now able to offer the Vortex dust collection system which allows the dust created when drilling holes with diamond core drills to be collected cleanly and efficiently.

Vortex will work on a range of surfaces as long as a seal can be obtained and is designed for use with drill sizes up to 162mm and is still effective if subsequent use is with a smaller drill bit. It can be used with either industrial or domestic vacuum cleaners, although the best results will be gained when using a professional machine such as the Dustcontrol dust extractors stocked by Pulvex.

Screen shot 2012 04 13 at 12.59.39 300x200 Vortex Dust Collection SystemOperating Instructions

  1. Carefully form a hole through the dish section at the size required
  2. Connect extractor vacuum machine to the rear opening and ensure a tight fit
  3. Place over location to be drilled. On a vertical surface the best results are obtained if the flat rear plate is directly under the area to be drilled
  4. Turn on the extractor and ensure that Vortex is securely adhered to the surface
  5. Drill through the opening in the dish. Please note that Vortex is not intended for use as a drill guide
  6. Complete drilling and withdraw the drill
  7. Knock any excessive dust in the dish through to the suction opening
  8. Turn off the extractor to remove Vortex from the surface
  9. Use a damp cloth to clean and maintain Vortex for its next use.

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