Safe use of Diamond Blades

Safe Use of Diamond Blades

Before using your machine always check:

  • The machine is in good, safe condition & complies with all safety requirements
  • All guards are undamaged & in place
  • The flanges are of equal size & free from burrs

Always check that the blade:

  • Is free from cracks & damage
  • Is the correct blade for the application
  • Has the correct bore size
  • Has the correct peripheral speed for the machine it is to be used on
  • Is mounted correctly with the directional arrow pointing the right way

Always ensure that the work area:

  • Is clean & free from obstructions & the material to be cut is secure
  • Has barriers or warning signs in place

When cutting always:

  • Start & run the machine to check for smooth running
  • Place the blade into the material, the weight of the machine is adequate pressure
  • Cut with a slow sawing or reciprocating motion, do not turn or twist the blade in the cut
  • Use several passes to cut to the required depth, do not drop the blade to its full depth in one go
  • Periodically remove the blade from the cut & continue to rotate & “air cool” for several seconds if dry cutting
  • If wet cutting, ensure optimum water supply,

Too much could result in the blade polishing Too little could result in a paste forming and cause the blade to stick