Rapier Diamond Blade Technology by Pulvex

Designed and developed by Pulvex, Rapier is a new technology that produces a dramatic improvement in diamond tool performance and life by custom designing patterns of diamonds within individual segments based on the intended application. The system combines both patterned diamond design and superior bond technology to create the ultimate diamond tool in terms of cutting speed and life.

Conventional “Random Mix” Technology

Conventional diamond blade segments are made by mixing diamond grit and specially blended, powdered metals and forming them into moulded segment.
Random Mix

The diagram to the left represents a typical random mix blade and you can see how this method creates a segment where the diamond particles are inconsistently distributed, with some areas having clusters of diamond and other areas with hardly any diamond at all. This random mixing of the diamond particles results in a varied and erratic performance and life from the diamond blade due to the inconsistency in the number of individual diamond particles being utilised at any one time.

Rapier Patterned Diamond Technology

In Rapier diamond blades the segments are moulded by using the same metal powders and diamond grit, however individual diamond particles are placed more specifically, as in the diagram to the left. This enables us to maximise the cutting speed of the blade by ensuring that the optimum number of diamond particles are in play at any one time. In addition to this, because we can more accurately predict the performance of the diamond particles, we are then able to fully exploit the metal bonding to increase the life of the product. This increase in cutting speed and life is particularly enhanced in harder materials.

Rapier Products Currently Available

Pulvex currently have the following blades available with Rapier Technology.
  • Premium quality universal concrete blades
  • Premium quality asphalt blades
  • Premium quality block paving blades
  • Premium quality Indian sandstone blades
  • Other products currently in development